Pin Anchors

Bianchi Casseforme lifting Pin Anchors with spherical head are available in steel, carbon or hot dip galvanized (HDG – Hot Dip Galvanization) in the following versions:

  • Foot Pin Anchor
  • Pin Anchor with hole
  • Pin anchor with spread plate
  • Double headed Pin anchor

Lifting Clutch for Pin Anchor

Safe, quick and easy device designed for the attachment to Pin anchors. The spherical lower  part rotates in the recess previously created in the product and its “T” -shaped slot engages in the spherical head of the nail. Contact with the Pin head occurs only when the hook is in a low position and in front of the product. A version with chain is also available.


The use of the lifting bushings is the most tested, the simplest and the cheapest of all those conceived and available on the market. Furthermore, for lifting thin elements or thin-core beams, this type with additional reinforcement bars is an unsurpassed product as it directly spreads the load deep very quickly. The sockets are available in different sizes, dimensions and capacities:

  • Sockets with improved adherence bar, straight or wavy
  • Tubular sockets with through hole
  • Crushed lifting sockets
  • Crushed fixing sockets, straight or “L”
  • Insert bushings
  • Challis sockets
  • Standard types: galvanized steel or stainless steel available on request
  • Metric (M) or Round (Rd) thread
  • Magnetic plates for positioning sockets with fixing screws
  • Screw-in lifters, fixed or articulated
  • Rotating screw-in lifter

Screw-In Lifters for Sockets

The screw-in lifting devices suitable for moving precast concrete elements and are screwed inside all types of sockets (obviously a different screw-in lifter is supplied for each size of the internal thread).

Bianchi supplies 3 different types of screw-in lifters : the classic, cheaper and more flexible; the articulated and the rotating, which is the most universal and robust, all strictly associated with a color coding according to the range, to make the operator’s work safer and more intuitive.