Magnetic Systems

The production of precast concrete elements with flat surfaces such as flat floor slabs , walls, requires equipment that guarantees precision, quality and ease of use .

Bianchi Casseforme has developed a complete system of side shuttering, perfectly adaptable to both wooden and steel sides, based on the range of magnets better known as “BI-BLOCK”.

The technology behind our magnetic systems has been designed to guarantee precision, safety, sturdiness, and adhesion strength, satisfying the needs of customers in every type of application.

Bi-Block Magnets

The magnet activation and deactivation system by simply pressing button, as well as the possibility of adapting the magnets to all side systems, allows an almost unlimited variety of uses .
Range of products:

  • adhesion force 600kg (it is smallest series)
  • adhesion force 1300kg,
  • adhesion force 2000kg (the most versatile model, ideal for any type of application)
  • adhesion force 2450kg (most powerful model)

The product portfolio is completed by the BI-BLOCK “S” series , the ideal solution for all those applications that require reduced height allpications. The BI-BLOCK “S” series is present in the models from:

  • 600kg
  • 900kg
  • 1300kg

Light Shuttering

Light and stable side support. The surface which comes into contact with concrete can also be made of steel or wood and can be bolted to the support structure from the rear so as to not damage the casting surface. The large openings in the lower part of the Light Shuttering make it possible to fasten heavy elements such as ribbed steel sheets.

Thanks to their magnetic fixing, the Light Shuttering can be precisely adjusted before being fixed with the BI-BLOCK magnet. In this way the system remains easy to use, very flexible and extremely economical.

Magnetic side shuttering and Magnetic Stopends

Double-sided sides with internal BI-BLOCK magnets (the number of which depends on the height and length of the side), suitable for the production of solid panels, sandwiches, floors and curtain walls .

The shape of the sides and stop-ends can be flat or equipped with tongue / groove, with upper and lower chamfer with upper or lower insert pieces to increase or reduce their depth.

In the case of single-sided sides, the magnet can be fixed externally to the side by means of adapters.