Bianchi Casseforme is a reference for the engineering, production and marketing of a wide range of devices for vibrating precast concrete products, essential for compacting, spreading and smoothing operations. Our catalog includes electric vibrators, pneumatic vibrators, and industrial vibrators. Contact us for more information.

Electric Vibrators

With high frequency or standard frequency, they guarantee the production of impeccable surface finishes. They are maily supplied with three-phase asynchronous motors supported by a sturdy casing and assembled with an IP 65.7 degree of protection. Available both with plate attachment and with quick coupling with cradle vice.

Standard frequency, for the production of small components, in industrial plants, on vibrating tables, standard frequency electric vibrators are the ideal solution. Built with three-phase asynchronous motors, supported by a sturdy casing and assembled for a degree of protection IP 65.7, they are the definitive solution to your vibration needs.

Pneumatic Vibrators

To obtain perfect surfaces, to reach maximum strengths in concrete, pneumatic vibration represents a valid and economic solution. The pneumatic vibrator eliminates the danger of the resonance of the formwork, adjusting the pressure of the air supply regulates the intensity of vibration instantly.

Industrial Vibrators

Our vibrators can be used in various industrial sectors including: transport, dosing and weighing of chemical, metallurgical, mechanical, construction materials industry, food, packaging systems etc …

Diverse types of vibrators are available: 

  • Turbine vibrators
  • Ball vibrators
  • Roller vibrators
  • Piston vibrators
  • Mini-vibrators used for applications that require extremely small dimensions.