Complete Precast Plants


Bianchi Casseforme is today able to supply a turn-key project for precast plants. The project can involve all the following activities of even part of them:

Complete industrial concrete prefabrication plant

  • Project of the Production Plant (in both phases, preliminary and execution), composed of the following points
    • Determination of the production hall dimensions, productivity, the types of products and the functional layout (space, resources and equipments distribution, as well as workflows)
    • Production capacity calculation
    • Quantity and type (geometry) of the products (beams, columns, slabs, panels, etc) and of production equipments
    • Technical characteristics of batching plant
    • Dimensions and positioning of raw materials storage (inerts, steel, concrete, sand, …)
    • The definition of machines for steel reinforcing bars, rods, and their better positioning
    • The definition of finished products storage and their handling, both internal and external
    • The possible presence of curing plant for the concrete;
    • The definition of the present and future product portfolio of the plant, on the basis of possible enlargements (in a typical 10 year time span)
    • The definition of the number and load capacity of overhead cranes;
    • The definition of the production hall self-building phases
    • The definition of the different utilities systems: electrical, steam, compressed air.
    • Execution project of production hall with schemes for installation
    • Execution project of foundations
    • Assistance onsite to the building construction
  • Technical Drawing and utilization Diagrams of all the prefabricated elements product portfolio, useful for the Sales Department
  • Training/Consultancy activities for precast company staff in all the following area
    • Technical
    • Sales
    • Quality
    • Manifacturing
    • Concrete Technology
  • Consultance and Assistance on BIM software for design
  • Supply of all the equipments able to manifacture the prefabricated elements (in both the situations, stationary production moulds, automated plants), to distribute the concrete and to handle the finished products.