Concrete Distributors


Following a trip to the USA that lasted about a month, in 1975 Mario Bianchi, the historic founder of Bianchi Casseforme srl, returned home with many new ideas that led him, thanks to his experience and foresight, to file in 1979 the first patent of a revolutionary operating machine then called SPEEDY.

It is a motorized vehicle dedicated to the transport and distribution of concrete, through an auger, inside the factories where precast elements are produced.

The distribution of concrete in a precast manufacturing plant is a key factor in the overall efficiency of the system. This is why, following the spread of the Speedy on the national and international market, there was immediately a revolution in the world of precast, as this distributor cuts production costs , increasing companies profit margins.

This is thanks to the simplicity and speed with which ONE operator can independently manage the entire transport and casting phase of the concrete.

After exhausting reliability tests in the field, since then Bianchi Casseforme has constantly perfected every single detail of this machine, introducing all the safety equipment necessary to guarantee optimal working conditions, as well as the possibility of having a long series of Options on the Speedy. which give the operator the possibility to work with maximum precision and maximum comfort .

For total control, even remotely , of the drivers cab, alarms and working data of the machine, it is possible to add an MDR module that allows data management directly from your office PC .

Maneuverability and versatility are the main features of our Speedy, which can be easily used in many situations, always guaranteeing excellent casting precision.

Distributor by Auger

Used both on fixed or tilting panel tracks, and in carousel systems, our auger distributor facilitates work by reducing production times and improving the precision of concrete casting.

This operator based machine can work, on traditional systems, running on rails astride tracks and tilting tables moving by 2 electric motors, thanks to which it reaches a maximum speed during casting of 8 meters per minute (depending on the thickness of the panel cast), or in fixed positions under which the pallets run in sequence in the case of carousel systems.

With a maximum capacity of 3 square meters, the concrete is cast on the tables/pallets by means of augers made from hardened chromium  steel which can rotate at variable speed thanks to individual motors. To obtain greater productivity and therefore further reduce casting times, doors are installed in front of each auger operated with hydraulic cylinders that work independently, so as to regulate the outflow of the cement and be able to choose which and how many augers to use during casting. depending on the panel design. A vibrating straight edge can also be installed on the back of the machine which, working on the sides of the track, makes the surface of the panel smoother, further improving the quality level of the finished product.

For perfect operation of the distributor machine, the operator control panel is located on the machine and has a convenient touch screen through which all the various functions are selected.

Sensors and audible and visual signals mounted on every corner of the machine guarantee the execution of the work in total safety.

Casting Buckets

In precast plants this is the most traditional of concrete distribution systems , especially for those who have little space or for those who do not intend to invest large sums in the distribution of concrete.

The pouring bucket is a semi-aerial distribution system since, to move it and carry out the operations of loading and unloading the concrete, it can be hooked from below and lifted by a forklift, or hooked from above and then hung by an overhead crane.

The release of the concrete can be operated manually or automatically, by means of a hydraulic cylinders, in the latter case the power supply can be either battery or  with direct electric supply.