Bianchi Casseforme: Our History

From a small workshop to an international leader

The history of Bianchi Casseforme is an Italian success based on resourcefulness and innovation.

Bianchi Casseforme is a constantly evolving company, with over 50 years of experience in the construction and precast sector.

With the same spirit that led to the foundation of the company in 1964, today we look to the future by combining the technical knowledge acquired over time with constant technological development, with the aim of always guaranteeing quality, reliability, speed, and flexibility and the attention that has always characterized us.


The beginning of Bianchi Casseforme srl

Bianchi Casseforme srl started in Parma as a small metal carpentry workshop, headed by Mr. Mario Bianchi (born in ’34).

The growth of the Italian precast concrete industry pushed Mr. Bianchi to build the first metal formwork/moulds to replace the wooden ones.

In the following years, thanks to continuous technological innovation and increasingly flourishing collaborations with companies throughout Italy, the company embarked on a real rise in the precast concrete sector thus becoming an undisputed leader.


Our Signature Machine

Mr. Bianchi, driven by ambition and desire to grow, organizes and completes a fifteen-day trip overseas to discover new technologies and innovations, all documented in a meticulous detailed.

Many ideas that accompanied Mario on his return to his homeland, but one left its mark in the history of the company and of the precast industry, after many studies and numerous prototypes, the concrete distributor for which would revolutionize the precast concrete was born which is still known today with the name of SPEEDY.


First generational change

Entry of the second-generation, with Mr. Stefano Bianchi (born in ’62), determined to follow in his father’s footsteps.


International growth

Stefano goes beyond the Alps reaching Spain, finding a market young, full of opportunities, since then the presence of Bianchi Casseforme in neighboring foreign markets becomes more and more frequent, to the point of having to create satellite subsidiaries to offer an adequate service to the markets of greatest interest.

The first born, is Bianchi Casseforme Iberica S.L. located in Talavera de la Reina, a strategic point in the center of Spain, followed in 2002 by Bianchi France in Mulhouse, a reference point for the French market.

These are commercial companies that distribute Bianchi products in the areas of competence and carry out prospecting activities of the local market for the parent company.


A new headquarters at the height of an evolving market

The constantly growing workload leads Bianchi Casseforme srl to move permanently to Fornovo di Taro, in the province of Parma, on to a plot of more than 20,000 square meters in total.


The loss of the founder

Mario Bianchi dies this year


New headquarters

After numerous extensions to the existing warehouses, the new office building was built.


Expansion to new markets

To make the presence of the Bianchi brand more widespread in the world, the creation of local production companies in new markets was begun.

Firstly Bianchi Casseforme India, outside Mumbai, then Bianchi Formas in Atibaia, Brazil.


Third generation

Manuel Bianchi (born in ’95) becomes part of the company, Stefano’s eldest son and third generation enters the Bianchi world.


Consolidation on the Russian market

The great development of the Russian market led Bianchi to open a new office and warehouse in Moscow.


More than 3000 active customers in 88 countries

The company has now reached the 5 continents thanks to a very active and dynamic commercial network, we try to always be close and attentive to the needs of our customers.

To date, the production department occupies approximately 10,000 square meters of covered warehouses and the offices extend over a total area of 1500 square meters.