Boomerang Elements Mould


Mould for the production of a “boomerang” beam of maximum length 23m and maximum total height 3,7m.
The mould is made by

• A base frame with 2 metallic profiles anchored to the ground where the mould parts are sliding for the prefabricated element length changeover. Even the lateral sides support are sliding on the baseframe.
• A pair of lateral sides hinged for a total 30° rotation angle, made with 1st class steel casting plate, reinforced by supports in the rear face.


The sides are modular allowing the production of beams of length 15, 19 and 23 meters, the 2 terminals and the central part will receive some central parts in the middle in order to vary the final length.

The base plate has fixed height.


Mould is completed by upper ties “quick closing” type for the fastening of lateral sides, lower ties made by special fast-paced screws, anti-vibration supports to the ground.
Any coupling between movable parts of the mould in contact with concrete is equipped with rubber gasket (link alla sezione accessori casseri vibrazione) in order to avoid concrete leakages. The gasket that can be conceived either underneath the casting surfaces, with metal chamfer bolted on the casting plates, or welded on the shuttering, with special shape (GF type) that guarantees the presence of the chamfer in the rubber itself.


The lateral sides can be equipped with a vibration system (link ai sistemi di vibrazione) consisting of a series of vibrators that can be electric or pneumatic. The vibration compacts the concrete by removing air and increases its mechanical strength after curing. Furthermore, vibration allows using concrete with less moisture and accelerates the curing process, in order to increase productivity. Click on this link in order to examine all the range of Bianchi product in vibration for prefabrication.
The heating system of the mould also increases productivity by accelerating the curing process. This system consists of a series of finned pipes positioned under the mould and/or in the lateral sides where hot water or industrial steam flows at the pressure of 4-5 bar. All the lateral sides can be covered by isolation canvas or plastic panels.