Production Line for Housing Units

Production Line for Housing Units


Special production system for Housing Units, called 3D-Betoncasco. VIDEO LINK

This method, developed by the Dutch Company Casco Totaal (link al sito), consists in building completely prefabricated concrete housing modules under controlled conditions in a precast factory.

Modules are then transported onsite and coupled together in a very short time. Every block is part of the building blocks of a new construction project.

This project became reality in 2015 and today Casco Totaal produces housing modules at full speed.

Bianchi Casseforme manufactured the complete production system in cooperation with Casco Totaal.

More in detail, one 3D-Betoncasco modules is made of 2 external longitudinal walls, upper ceiling and 1 trasversal wall. The floor is a flat panel that rests on the lateral walls (once demoulded the module) thanks to their internal structure.

Flexibility of the module can be summarized as follows:

  •               Internal height from 2,4 to 3,1m
  •               Length up to 10,0m
  •               Width between 3,0 to 6,0m
  •               Wall thickness from 80mm to 280mm

The mold is made by

  • A lower base, fixed to the ground, that supports the structure,
  • The lateral modular bases of the element
  • A set of magnetically fixed separators
  • A set of upper perimetral sides
  • Two lateral sides and one transversal with both hydraulical and motorised movements
  • An internal core, equipped with an hydraulic system that makes it able to “shrink”, in several phases, in order to allow the detachment of the mold from the 3 internal walls during demolding. The core is modular, through the insertion of several pieces of different width, in order to allow flexibility in precast modules dimensions.
  • Mold is completed with a vibration plant, that consists of some low voltage and variable frequency electrical vibrators, placed in the internal part of the “core”, run by a radio remote control or by a pushbutton placed onto the electrical cabinet.

Once demolded, the 3D-Betoncasco element is loaded onto a steel pallet.

In a brand new hall, all the manual operations of finishing the modules are made. This is made inside a Bianchi circulation plant (carrousel), similar to the assembly lines of the automotive industry, where every element moves on different stations. Several friction and idle wheels allow the smooth movement of the steel pallet loading the elements from different working position.

3 crossover trolleys lift the tables up, move them in crosswise direction and settle the tables down onto the next conveyor line. The trolleys are equipped with electric drive motors, hydraulic lifting jacks, position control and power supply (cables, energy chain and gutter).

The automation of the whole system is ensured by an electrical control cabinet ruled by a PLC,  visualization software , several sensors to detect the position of the pallet, remote control unit with necessary buttons to move the pallets to the next station.

The operation made into the circulation plant are:

  1. placement of interior walls
  2. electricity
  3. heating
  4. Water piping
  5. bathroom
  6. exterior window frames
  7. kitchens
  8. painting
  9. tile and exterior finishing in stone, stucco or siding

The last stage is the realization of the house on location. Through a clever link between the elements themselves, only a minimal aesthetic finishing is required on location.

Check out Casco Totaal website for all modules specifications (  ), click on the following link  to look at the whole system video