Who we are

The Company

Started in 1964, Bianchi Casseforme Srl, is an expert partner in the design, manufacture and commissioning of plant and machinery for the precast concrete industry.
Bianchi Casseforme Srl manufactures:


  • Moulds/Forms for all types of precast elements i.e. for industrial, commercial, civil and residential applications;
  • Concrete distribution machinery (Mobile concrete distributor Mod. Speedy & others)
  • Complete production facilities, starting with layout design, moving all the way to manufacture of the equipment, to the commissioning and production start-up.
  • Automatic carousel production equipment
  • Magnetic solutions for precast production
  • Vibration equipment for industrial applications as well as those required in precast manufacture
  • Equipment for pre-stressed strands
  • Lifting and fixing solutions for precast

Our Story

Towards the end of the 1960’s, the company Bianchi guided by our founder Mr. Mario Bianchi, started an intense collaboration with many new and emerging local precast companies around Parma (Italy). The intention at the time was to produce moulds/forms in steel to replace timber, which was the original material of choice, at the time


As the years progressed, and thanks to continued development and the advances in technology, our client base grew, till we reached all the corners of Italy, where we became the undeniable market leader in our sector.


In 1989, we gained the title Bianchi Casseforme S.r.l.


Starting in 1998, due to increased requests from markets outside of Italy, we embarked on a new strategy, to create offices in markets that were of interest to us.


The first of these was in 1998, with Bianchi Casseforme Iberica S.L (Spain), the next, in 2002, Bianchi France, a referral point for the market the other side of the Alps. These two subsidiaries main task is to distribute and market our products within their respective markets.


In 2011, to increase the visual presence of the brand Bianchi Casseforme, we created local production facilities in new markets. Bianchi Casseforme India, Bianchi Formas in Brazil are the results of this ongoing endeavour.


Originally only catering to the local (Italian) market, we are now present on all 5 continents, thanks to a network of active and dynamic agents and sales managers that are always ready to attend to our clients’ requests.

From 2011 onwards

Our Mission

Thanks mainly to the experience and knowledge acquired over the many decades of our existence, we position ourselves as a partner to our clients to create tailor made solutions to their requirements.


To create modern technological solutions, which are highly personalized and flexible to guarantee economic efficiency and ease of use in a continually changing market, while still respecting the needs of our clients, this is the nature of our daily challenges.


Having supported the precast concrete industry for so long, we offer our experience, knowledge, passion, efficiency and dynamism to help reach higher levels of quality and continued innovation to our products.


In 1997, we achieved and still conform to the Quality Directive UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

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