Operating machines


The Plotter is an automatic machine that allows to considerably optimize the production times of concrete panels, increasing precision thanks to minimum tolerances and thus obtaining high quality panels.

Specifically, the plotter traces on the surface of the table the shape that will be followed for the positioning of the sides and any inserts for doors and windows, this action takes place through a nozzle that sprays a red or white anticoagulant paint forming guidelines that can be continuous or dashed.

The power supply is electric and depending on the type of panel production, which can be fixed for a  carousel or rail mounted, the plotter consists of a structure supported by 4 wheels running on rails and is equipped with a cable reel in the first case; while in the carousel  a fixed structure under which the pallets run in sequence.

The Plotter can be controlled remotely thanks to a software that allows continuous data exchange between the machine PC and the PC in the office area. The manual functions are selected through the touch screen mounted together with the control panel on the machine; the guide and distance measurement system takes place via a laser mounted on the plotter which interacts with reflectors positioned at the head of the tracks along which the machine moves.

It is also obviously equipped with all the safety systems that allow the operator to prevent any risk during the production process.

Brushing machine

Designed for cleaning the long line tables and pallets found in precast concrete panel production plants, the Brushing Machine produced by Bianchi automates the entire cleaning and preparation process of the tables between one production shift and the next, significantly reducing time and therefore the labor costs.

The machine is essentially composed of a central rotating brush that covers the width of the platform and removes residues from the casting surface (for larger residues there is a scraper in front of the main brush) and an extractor with filters; it can be equipped, on request, with two further side brushes which also allow cleaning the surface of the sides of the tables. The fine powders are accumulated inside two containers positioned on the sides of the structure.

As for the other operating machines made by our company, the brushing machine is electrically powered and can be made on a mobile structure with cable reel or fixed depending on the type of production that the customer owns or will carry out. Thanks to a touch screen PC mounted on the machine, it is possible to operate the various operations of the brushing machine quickly and easily.

The machine is obviously equipped with all the safety systems that allow the operator to prevent any risk during the production process.


To optimize production and achieve perfect concrete panels, a fundamental step is the application of the release agent on the casting surface of the tables, if the latter were applied in a non-homogeneous way, the panel would be clearly visible, with stains, as the concrete must dry constantly and uniformly over the entire surface to pass the visual examination.

To minimize this risk and avoid human error, especially in a production plant that works automatically, Bianchi Casseforme also produces machines for the application of the release agent on the casting surfaces by means of a pump that feeds a series of nozzles, which in a uniform and homogeneous way,  spray the product and prepare the casting surface for the casting phase, guaranteeing constant results over time.

These oilers are often positioned on the rear of the Brushing machines, to further optimize working times and reduce purchase costs.

Washing plant for panels

Bianchi Casseforme manufactures machines for washing precast panels , allowing the customer to offer on the market panels with exposed aggregate  finish.

The washing takes place thanks to the action of two lines of brushes which, together with constant and uniform jets of high pressure water, guarantee the total and perfect removal of the small external layer of the panel, with the help of a surface retarder,  this is easily removed .

The removal of this “external crust” must take place as uniformly as possible as even the slightest defect is clearly visible on the panel. For this reason, our panel washing machine is studied in detail, following an accurate control both in the design phase and in the final realization.

Electric motors, pumps and electrical panels are carefully placed inside specially made canopies, avoiding contact with water and possible system failures.

Turning Devices

Precast concrete not only requires formworks, but also auxiliary equipment which plays a fundamental role in facilitating the activities of the operators inside the factory.

Turning devices are machines that allow you to rotate and sometimes de-mold the concrete elements. Bianchi supplies turning devices for Twin wall panels, for New Jersey road barriers and for 3D elements such as tanks or monoblocks.