Stressing pump units

The pump unit consists of a high pressure hydraulic piston pump, controlled by a three-phase electric motor with voltage and frequency adjusted according to the customer’s geographic location . The stressing pressure is programmable (maximum working pressure 350 bar) by a double control of the tensioning pressure by means of a maximum pressure valve and electric pressure switch which stops the control unit at the desired working pressure .

The equipment is completed by stressing jacks , available in 4 different sizes according to the different strand sizes to be stringed. (6 Ton, 16 Ton, 25 Ton)

Stressing pump units

Models of hydraulic power units:

  • 2 Way, for the only one stressing jack. The model is also available in the “Export 260” version designed only for use with the 6 ton jack, for small strand diameters.
  • 4 Way, for the operation of 2 jacks, but with only one hydraulic circuit which must be adjusted at each change of jack.
  • AUTOMATIC 4-way, for the use of 2 jacks and two hydraulic circuits.
  • DIGITAL, with electronic control, 4 programmable pressure levels, possibility of integrating roll printer for detecting the pulling force level and connection to PC, using a special program.
  • Lifting structure operated by a mechanical or electric hoist, for lifting and lowering of stressing jack
  • System for measuring the stressing load for wire or strands consisting of a load cell and digital indicator.

Relaxation Unit

Hydraulic power packs for the relaxation cylinders in production lines of prestressed elements.

High pressure hydraulic piston pump, maximum working pressure 350 bar, controlled by a three-phase electric motor. Hydraulic circuit operated by 1 manual lever for each cylinder, complete with unidirectional oil flow regulator. Electric panel, acoustic and luminous alarm during the work phase.

Strand Pusher

Machine designed for pushing the strand along the production lines. It can be used for 3/8 ”, ½” and 0.6 ”diameter strands. The machine allows the operator to guide one strand at a time along the prestressing line, controlled via remote control.

Available options:

  • Automatic shear for cutting the strand
  • Double radio control

Barrels & wedges, Joiners and Sheaths

Bianchi Casseforme Barrels and wedges are reusable and produced with high quality steel, subjected to rigorous heat treatments thanks to which we guarantee a large number of cycles. Different types and sizes are available .

  • Open barrels, they are the most used in prestressing  due to their immediacy of use, cost-effectiveness, easy visual inspection and maintenance.
  • Automatic barrels, easy and quick to apply thanks to its closed structure that ensures the correct positioning of its components during the work phase.

The ideal solution for the recovery of long strands of strand. It consists of 2 barrels, also of different diameters, joined together.