Lifting and Fixing Systems for Precast Concrete

Quick Lifting System


Quick Lifting System offers a rational and reliable method for handling of concrete elements.

The connection and disconnection operations of the lifting clutch are instantaneous and allow hoising “on edge” of panels manufactured in horizontal with speedm, safety and economy. The system does not foresee welded and bolted pieces, therefore laying time is minimum and there is no risk of faulty screwing or threads wear.

The efficiency of “Quick Lifting System” is proven by its use on construction sites over many decades.

The components of the “Quick Lifting System” are:

  • the spherical head anchors
  • the lifting clutch
  • the reusable rubber former which is previously fixed on the mould, providing a void in the concrete such as to allow the lifting anchor head to be hooked by the lifting clutch itself


Lifting spherical head anchors


Bianchi lifting spherical head anchors types can be available in natural steel or HDG (hot dip galvanization) and include:

  • Foot anchors
  • Eye anchor
  • Double head anchor
  • Plate anchor


Formers for spherical head anchors


  • Available in rubber or metal type, with rubber ring to fix the anchor head
  • Available with standard or magnetic fixing to the moulds


Lifting clutch


  • Safe and quick connection device
  • Designed for easy engagement of the spherical headed anchors whilst maintaining conformance of safety standards.
  • Option with chain available


Lifting/fixing Threaded Socket and accessories


  • Lifting sockets with rebar, straight or waved
  • Lifting socket with cross hole
  • Flat end squashed lifting sockets
  • Flat end squashed fixing sockets, straight or “L” bended
  • Lifting sockets with plate
  • Calix lifting socket with foot
  • Standard execution: galvanized. Stainless steel available upon request
  • Metric (M) or Round (Rd) thread available
  • Magnetic holding discs for sockets placement with fixing studs
  • Lifting loops, fixed or articulated
  • Articulated lifting eyes


Anchor Channels and accessories


  • Available in different sizes, from 28/15 to 49/30
  • Variable length
  • Stud Anchors
  • Channel filling with Polyethilene
  • Hot Dip Galvanization of Channels
  • Complete with Special Bolt hammer-head for anchor channel fixation