Vibration Systems for Concrete


Bianchi Casseforme designs, produces and retails its own complete range of products to generate vibration for compaction, spreading, leveling and finishing of precast concrete

Fixed External Vibrators


  • Fixed with a cradle/quick attachment or a bolted baseplate.
  • Pneumatic Vibrators “VP” series
  • Electric Vibrators
    • Variable or Fixed frequency
    • Powered directly off the electrical grid or at a lower safer voltage using a trolley mounted power convertor.


Sliding External Vibrators


  • Sliding vibrating bases with either hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical locking in position, can accommodate either electrical or pneumatically operated vibrators. These sliding vibrators are fixed to the tracks mounted allong the side f the mould, in purposed made tracks.


Double oscillating straightedge to smooth and level the concrete surface on wall panels.


Vibrating surface straightedge for surface finishing


Tamping vibrator designed to compact thin layers of concrete, especially useful where exposed and coloured aggregates are used.


Needle/Pin Internal Vibrators


  • Pneumatic, working off up to 6bar compressed air pressure, supplied with quick connection ¾’’ GAS fitting.
  • Electric, working off only 48Volt, supplied with a trolley mounted frequency and power convertor, which connects to the existing power supply.