Bridge Beams

Bridge beams Forms/Moulds

Production lines for prestressed elements, designed for the construction of concrete beams for bridges, viaducts and high-speed railway sections. These formworks can be adjusted in height, width and length according to the customer’s needs.

Bridge beams Forms/Moulds

The form/mould is dedicated to the element to be produced, on one side there is the fixed side whose function is to fix the strands in tension, while on the opposite side there is the active head, i.e. where the cylinders for the relaxation of the cables before cutting, once the concrete has cured

The side forms/moulds, for opening and closing, are operated by hydraulics, and locked by special quick locks. A retractable upper core, if required by the special shape of the element, is lowered from above with a movement controlled by a hydraulics.

These formworks can be equipped with a vibration system, which compacts the concrete by removing the air, thus improving its resistance.

The presence of a curing plant increases productivity by reducing the curing time of the concrete. This system consists of a series of finned tubes positioned inside the sides and under the base frame.

To keep the heat inside the formwork on the sides, insulating sheets in plastic material or polyurethane panels can be mounted.

Essential devices for a production line of prestressed elements are the hydraulic power units and pulling lances to be able to perform the tensioning of each single cable, and the relaxation units to proceed with the de-tensioning of the strands with a single movement of the heads of the track.

“U” or “W” beams, for long spans of bridges or viaducts width of the base of about 1m and variable height up to 1.6m. Span up to 45m.

Closed ended beams with wide lower wings. Bottoms up to 2.5m wide, up to 1.8m high.