Magnetic Systems

For manufacturing flat precast concrete parts such as ceilings, walls and façade panels, a manufacturing equipment that guarantees dimensional accuracy, surfaces in exposed concrete quality and efficient working is needed.

BIANCHI has developed a complete formwork system for this, perfectly suitable for both wood and steel shutterings, based the well-known BI-BLOCK magnets. BIANCHI product portfolio has been developed in cooperation with precast concrete factories. Nowadays BIANCHI magnetic formwork technology meets customer requirements for accuracy, application safety, robustness and adhesive power.

The well-known BIANCHI system to activate and deactivate the magnet by simply pushing a button, as well as the possibility to adapt the magnets to all the shuttering systems, allows unlimited options for use of the BI-BLOCK magnets solution.


BI-BLOCK Magnets


Bianchi new generation of magnets, known as BI-BLOCK, has been noted for power, ease of use and flexibility in applications.

There is a wide range of products to cover a wide variety of applications, from the smallest one with adhesion strength of 600kg, then 1300kg, 2000kg (the most versatile, ideal for any type of application) and the 2450kg, the most powerful one.

The product portfolio is then completed with the BI-BLOCK “S” SERIES, the ideal solution in all the positions where low heights are fundamental. The BI-BLOCK “S” SERIES is present in 600kg, 900kg and 1300kg version.


Modular Magnetic Shuttering


Shutters and casting separators with internal magnets and double casting face and internal BI-BLOCK magnets, suitable for manufacturing solid walls, sandwich walls, slabs, external walls.

In case of single casting face the magnet can be external, fixed on the shutters by means of adapters

The number of internal BI-BLOCK magnets depende on the shutter height and length.

The shape of shutters and separators can be flat or with male/female shape, with/without upper and lower chamfer and they can have removable height adapters.


Modular Magnetic Shuttering – Light Series


Shutters and separators with internal magnetic group and external button, to be activated by foot or by a robot (in circulation plants).

They are suitable for manufacturing slabs, predalles, double walls.


Light Shuttering


Light Shuttering is a light but stable shuttering support in steel. The shuttering formwork in contact with the concrete can be made in wood or chipboard and can be screwed on from behind so that the shuttering surface doesn’t suffer damage. Special holes for wood screws are foreseen on the Light SHuttering structure itself.

Shuttering formwork surface can be made also in steel Large openings on the back of the Light Shuttering mean that it is possible to anchor even heavy installation elements from the back.

With the magnets, the shuttering can be precisely adjusted before it is then finally fixed by pressing down on the BI-BLOCK magnets. Thus the system remains easy to handle, very flexible and extremely economic.


Magnetic Chamfer Strip


Magnetic chamfer strips and trapezium magnetic strips by BIANCHI can be delivered with one-sided or two-sided integrated magnets in several different dimensions.  If it is required individual requirements can be produced. The strong integrated magnet fix the strip in the exact position so that a high quality result is guaranteed.


Magnetic Recess Former and Plates


Designed to hold the lifting anchor in position on steel moulds and leave a recess in the concrete for the ring clutch.

Special plates magnetically fixed for sockets placement.