Tables for Panels


Bianchi tilting tables are designed for the production of precast panels for Facade elements, Sandwich walls or Solid walls in various thicknesses for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Its tilting mechanism allows easy removal of the panels in vertical position after curing of the concrete.


The tilting mechanism consists in a rotation of the table around a fixed point by means of telescopic hydraulic cylinders whose number and strength is in accordance to the size and load capacity of the table itself. The cylinders are activated by an hydraulica control unit equipped with pumps, electrical motor levers and pushbuttons, which can either command one or more tables, in accordance to the customers’ requirements.


The table’s structural features are:

  • Steel casting plate of customized dimensions according to customer needs (generally up to 5m width and 100m length), 10mm thickness, stiffened by metal profiles forming a strong frame; laid and welded on basic longitudinal structure.
  • Steel surface in natural iron; upon request the surface can be polished, in order to obtain a mirror finish.
  • Casting level is positioned at about 85 cm from the ground level;
  • Sized for different weight per square meter (from 400kg/m2 up to 900kg/m2) of concrete overload.
  • Lower side incorporated in the table and bolted on arms, that can ensure the proper height variation with a manual operation by overhead crane.


Tables can incorporate also lateral and upper sides depending on the kind of panels the client would like to produce; tables with fixed sides are used for the production of panels all of the same size, while for variable size productions a more flexible solution is required, represented by the magnetic shuttering systems. Bianchi offers a wide variety of shuttering systems as well as a complete portfolio of magnets.


Tables can also be fixed (i.e. not equipped of the tilting mechanism), built in different dimensions in length and width. In-line production with tables is the most cost-effective method to manufacture panels, floor slab units with simple or prestressed reinforcement or predalle. Each line is made up of a 10 mm high quality casting plate, which can be grinded upon request.


The line may be equipped with lateral hinged shutterings that can be tilted manually or hydraulically. Other types of shutterings (magnetic, hydraulically movable, fixed perimetral) are available as explained before concerning the tilting tables.


Any coupling between tables moving parts is equipped with rubber gasket in order to avoid concrete leakages. The gasket that can be conceived either underneath the casting surfaces, with metal chamfer bolted on the casting plates, or welded on the shuttering, with special shape (GF type) that guarantees the presence of the chamfer in the rubber itself.


Tables can include a vibration system  consisting of a series of vibrators that can be electric or pneumatic. The vibration compacts the concrete by removing air and increases its mechanical strength after curing. Furthermore, vibration allows using concrete with less moisture and accelerates the curing process, in order to increase productivity. Click on this link in order to examine all the range of Bianchi product in vibration for prefabrication.


The heating system of the tables also increases productivity by accelerating the curing process. This system consists of a series of finned pipes positioned under the table, where hot water or industrial steam flows at the pressure of 4-5 bar. The lower part of the table can be covered by isolation canvas or plastic panels.