“Boundary Walls” Mould System


“Boundary Walls” Mould System


“Boundary walls” are generally used to separate two parcels of land.
The system is made of:

  • Foundation piers anchored on the ground
  • Supporting columns: small elements of section between 20 and 30cm with a “female” profile in order to be coupled to the small panels
  • Panels with a common thickness between 8 and 12cm, height around 1m and variable length (usually from 3 to 6m)

Foundation piers mould

Mould to fabricate small foundations (average dimension 120x120x67cm) composed by
• One lateral shuttering side (where is possible to apply the vibrators, pneumatic or electrical)
• One mould for internal hole, usually fixed to the external shuttering
• Two Casting base plates.
Lateral shuttering and internal mould can be de-moulded after few hours from casting, and placed on the 2nd baseplate, thus allowing a production of 2 elements with 1 single mould set.
Column mould


Mould composed as follows
• Base frame that supports all other parts
• 2 lateral shutterings, rotating during the de-moulding phase by means of connecting rods moved hydraulically.
• A base plate of a fixed measure.
• Stop end panels
• Hydraulical plant (central unit with pump and control levers, jacks, pipes)


Production of Panels with Battery mould

Vertical Battery mould is designed especially to produce solid panels at a high productivity ratio in a small space. Additional benefits of this production system is that both sides of the prefabricated concrete element are in contact with the casting plate, thus allowing high finishing on both sides. In addition, panels are demoulded already in vertical position, ready for collection, storage and transportation.

The structure is made of a base frame with rails where several sets of vertical elements, called side walls, are placed. Each side wall is made of high quality plates opposite to the casting, reinforced by steel sections that allows to achieve a robust structure able to opposite to concrete pressure during casting.
One side wall is fixed, all the other are movable by means of hydraulic cylinders or electric gearmotors, according to side walls heights and customer requirements.

In the internal part of the side walls there are the horizontal bottoms at variable height, and vertical separators that can be placed in different position in order to produce several panel lengths.
Battery is complete with lateral, lower and superior ties for the perfect locking of the mould before pouring concrete, walkways with parapets and access stairs to the high part of side walls during preparation, casting and de-moulding phase.