Column Moulds

Columns are a prefabricated element usually produced in a very wide variety of dimensions for both length, width and position of consoles. For this reason the column moulds can be conceived in different ways according to customer requirements in term of range of elements to be produced.

On a general basis, the column moulds can be divided into 3 categories


Manual Mould


Conceived to produce pillars in a single base, the opening of lateral sides is usually manual, both of the sides are hinged.

The mould can have adjustable position compartments for corbels on the 4 sides of the pillar, compartments that can be “excluded” with the insertion of a plain plate. To obtain different length of the columns, several separators can be placed wherever in the mould, with both mechanical and magnetic fixing to the structure.


Battery Mould for columns


Conceived to produce pillars on several separate bases (from a minimum of 2), in case of 2-pockets mould, the central side is fixed and the lateral sides are movable or hinged.

Usually this mould is able to produce pillars with corbels on maximum 2 sides (3 sides in case of 2 pockets battery).

The mould opening system can be mechanical or by means of hydraulical cylinders, that move the sides and the bases, so that the piece can be easily removed.

The base-plates can be exchanged with others of different width and also adjusted in height, thus allowing the modification of the column size.

The positioning of separators can allow different length of the column to be produced.

The production of corbels is allowed by adjustable position compartments that can also be “excluded” with the insertion of a plain plate.


Flexible mould for columns


This mould allows for the maximum flexibility in terms of dimensions of the column to be produced, position and dimensions of corbels, etc.

The bottom bases can be interchanged with other of different widths, and also lifted/lowered hydraulically.

The compartments for the production of the corbels (on all the 4 sides of the column) can be placed in different position of the mould, that is “modular” along all the length.

Height adjustment of the bottom base, as well as opening of the lateral sides, is completely hydraulic.

In all the column mould types, Any coupling between tables moving parts is equipped with rubber gasket in order to avoid concrete leakages. The gasket that can be conceived either underneath the casting surfaces, with metal chamfer bolted on the casting plates, or welded on the shuttering, with special shape (GF type) that guarantees the presence of the chamfer in the rubber itself.

Mould Sides can include a vibration system consisting of a series of vibrators that can be electric or pneumatic. The vibration compacts the concrete by removing air and increases its mechanical strength after curing. Furthermore, vibration allows using concrete with less moisture and accelerates the curing process, in order to increase productivity. Click on this link in order to examine all the range of Bianchi product in vibration for prefabrication.

The heating system of the column mould also increases productivity by accelerating the curing process. This system consists of a series of finned pipes positioned along the lateral sides or even underneath the bottom base, where hot water or industrial steam flows at the pressure of 4-5 bar. The external part of the lateral sides is covered by isolation canvas or plastic panels.